Building connection one heart at a time
Building connection one heart at a time

New Phase of the Development of the Peace 50 Community

From social design to peacekeeping movement
New Phase of the Development of the Peace 50 Community

The Peace 50 community is constantly developing and moving forward. Its participants find new opportunities to broaden horizons by attracting more like-minders from different countries to the community's activities. Adoption of a resolution, a document establishing the main principles of functioning of the Peace 50, became a new fundamental phase in the community's development.

Новый-этап_T.jpg Marina Volynkina
Co-founder of the Peace 50 community

The Peace 50 community brings together women leaders from all over the world who are concerned about the planet's future. They are all experts in their fields, influential social figures, and implementers of one or several social projects. On the one hand, those are successful, powerful, and educated women able to think and act. On the other hand, they preserved their enthusiasm, non-indifference to the problems of people around and sincere aspiration to change the world for the better. The most important qualities of the P50 members include social responsibility and readiness to focus all their efforts on addressing global problems.

Preservation of peace and sustainable development of the world is the key task of every person on Earth. Women having great 'soft power' can contribute to that greatly.


The First Summer Peace Summit took place in Belgium last year. It gave start to the Peace 50 community's work. The 'Responsible Media for the Global Peace and Sustainable Development' Memorandum was adopted as part of that event. Women leaders from different countries signed the document, thus emphasizing their solidarity with the ideas and principles of the community.

This year, the Summer Peace Summit took place in an online format. The meeting was titled Global Women for Global Growth and brought together 100 women from 16 countries. Members of the community discussed all those relevant problems and challenges that humanity had faced during the pandemic.


We are happy to present the community's resolution adopted as a result of the Summer Peace Summit. The document was approved by all members of the Organising Committee of the Peace 50 including Gülden Türktan (Turkey), Marina Volynkina (Russia), Barbara Dietrich (Belgium), Joynicole Martinez (the USA), and many participants of the community.

The resolution approved the fundamental principles that P50 members rely on in their activities.


When reading the resolution, many women emphasize that the document is filled with sincerity and love. It has no cold political context.

When reading the resolution, one can understand at once that it was written by peace-focused women.


"Our principles and goals are human-focused. Everything that we do comes from our hearts. People around us feel that very well", emphasizes Marina Volynkina, co-founder of the Peace 50 community.

One of the tasks of the community is to demonstrate positive role models that must become an inspiring example for other people. The Peace 50 members not only follow the established principles but also strive to preserve and enforce human values in the world.


"Women are the heart of humanity. Today, they demonstrate the greatness of the creation-focused soft power".

The resolution received a beautiful name: Joining Hands to Move Forward.


This phrase has a deeper sense. When joining efforts and developing horizontal communication, the Peace 50 members contribute to the preservation of peace and global development greatly. They conduct an informal but very fruitful international dialogue making it possible to erase borders among different countries and peoples.

Today, Peace 50 members not only fulfil social projects aimed at addressing pressing problems. They unite and attract even more like-minders to their activities for the sake of peace and global development.


Adoption of the resolution is a great step forward for the whole community. It emphasizes the transition of its focus from social designing to establishing a new PEACE-focused social and political movement. This is a conscious strategic move.

You can read the text of the resolution here.

Viktoria Yezhova, Global Women Media news agency

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov

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