Building connection one heart at a time
Building connection one heart at a time

The World NEEDS Peace

Peace 50 inspiring the planet
The World NEEDS Peace

Members of the Peace 50 community are women concerned about the planet’s future. They are leaders from different countries united by the same goal: to preserve peace and bring the world to sustainable development. They not only carry out joint projects but also support one another constantly and feel part of the strong soft power. Argumenty I Fakty recently published an article about that and many other international issues addressed by the Peace 50 community.

Marina Mishunkina, one of the Peace 50 members works in that publishing house as its First Deputy Director.

Peace_T.jpg Marina Mishunkina
First Deputy Director General of Argumenty i Fakty Publishing House
aif_prof.jpg Marina Volynkina
co-founder of the Peace 50 community

From the very start, the concept of the Peace 50 community was based on a deep idea: to unite women who, on the one hand, achieved a certain influential status in society and, on the other hand, preserved their enthusiasm, energy, non-indifference, and desire to improve the world. Every member of the Peace 50 community has a powerful social project aimed at addressing global tasks.


Such kind women-led initiatives filled with sincere care, positive energy, aspiration to internal and external harmony, and unconditional love become the basis of that very soft power able to preserve peace. All that is the core of Peace 50. United by common life principles and values, women learn from one another, exchange their experience and ideas, and collaborate, thus expanding the field of their responsibility. 

The interaction within the Peace 50 community makes it possible to not only fully realize women’s creative potential but also show the world inspiring positive examples of creative leaders.


Achieving sustainable development is only possible by joining our hands. All people are different but the preservation of peace on the planet is important for everyone. Common sense in one’s mind and love in one’s heart are necessary for that. 

We are extremely pleased that Argumenty I Fakty, one of Russia’s mainstream media, published an article about the Peace 50 community telling about its development this year and projects carried out by its participants. We translated the article into English and published it on our website to let women from different countries read it.


The world NEEDS peace. We want the entire planet to learn about how much we can achieve when joining our hands and establishing a heart-to-heart dialogue.

Viktoria Yezhova, Global Women Media news agency 

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov

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