Building connection one heart at a time
Building connection one heart at a time

Global Women Media Celebrates Its 5th Birthday

On the key values and principles of the news agency
Global Women Media Celebrates Its 5th Birthday

The web-portal currently called the Global Women Media was created 5 years ago. The project’s main constant goal is to create high-quality, positive, and motivating content and to provide its readers with role models through the publication of interviews with interesting, bright, and talented professionals from various fields. On the eve of the website’s 5th birthday, we have prepared an article about the project’s key values and development trajectories.


Positive and responsible journalism is what is really important and necessary for the modern information space. The media has a huge impact on people’s thinking, mood, and actions. At the same time, importantly, positive content does not mean embellishing reality. It presupposes the reliability of information and a positive way of presenting it: not making a problematic situation worse but offering ways of solving it.

The Global Women Media journalists start every interview and article entry with words about positive content. By setting this tone in the conversation, they create unique materials filled not only with practically useful information but also with love, kindness, and inspiration.


The heroes of the Global Women Media’s articles are professionals, outstanding specialists, and talented people. Their ability to think positively fills them with special inner strength that motivates others to create, do art, and develop.

Over the five years of its existence, the Global Women Media news agency has developed main rubrics reflecting the project’s key values: Culture, Education, Science, Ecology, Entrepreneurship, Charity, and Cooperation. The web-portal covers each of these topics in a profound and multifaceted way. However, the focus is regularly placed on specific, most topical rubrics.


This year, for example, the Global Women Media paid special attention to culture and education. According to the project’s leader Marina Volynkina, those are the two main pillars on which the present and future of the entire world rests. Today, high quality education shapes the society that will soon be at the helm of the planet. Culture, in its turn, is the very core making it possible for people to retain their essential human qualities and their ability to look at the world from a philosophical and moral perspective.


In the Culture rubric, we have combined articles about both young and experienced artists, architects, designers, gallery owners, museum experts, directors, actors, and musicians who strive to change and save the world through art. These people fill creativity with meaning and beauty. According to many artists whom we interviewed, they see art’s special value in teaching people to feel, motivating them to think, and instilling care in their hearts.

Journalism shapes people’s thinking with words. Similarly, art shapes our thinking and space around us with images


Education is a topic that finds its reflection in most of the materials on the web-portal. The Global Women Media journalists interview not only educators, teachers, and school leaders but also specialists from various fields, people who are ready to share their knowledge with children and young people.


In 2022, the website paid much attention to the topic of noospheric and holistic education. Experts from these fields shared their views on how to develop the younger generation’s intellectual, creative, and spiritual abilities. According to scientists and educators, those three aspects are the main components making it possible for a person to become not only smart and healthy but also happy upon growing up.

High-quality education can help people reveal their talents and focus them on creation. Morality plays a vital role here because any knowledge without it may become a weapon rather than a tool.


Of course, the rubrics dedicated to culture and education could not but touch upon the topic of intercultural cooperation. The trend towards learning not only European but also Asian languages has been growing more popular for several years. To keep up with the times, the Global Women Media journalists have prepared a series of articles on the importance to learn the history of different countries and cultures, establishing communication with other people, and the existing prospects for cooperation with different regions. The Dean and lecturers of the Chinese College and Korean College of MKIK. intercultural communication experts, and professionals from various fields living and working abroad shared their views on those matters.

Moreover, over the 5 years of the website’s functioning, the Global Women Media news agency has managed to collect a number of unique interviews with women leaders from different countries within its International Collaboration rubric. Building horizontal connections and heart-to-heart dialogue among people from different countries is another key value of the project.


The aspiration to hearing and understanding one another in addition to the ability to speak the same language without words is what makes communication effective and sustainable.

The website has another interesting feature: all heroes of the articles published there are open for communication and collaboration with like-minders. Thus, many of those experts start communicating with one another and implement joint projects including international ones. This is a bright example of how powerful horizontal communication can be.


Over the years of its work, the Global Women Media news agency has acquired many friends and partners. The website regularly publishes articles about the communities sharing our project’s values and principles of its editorial policy. Thus, the Global Women Media journalists created a series of expert and event-based publications jointly with the Legally Mom, WiN Russia, Women`s Leadership Forum, Women`s Influence Community, and Peace 50.

The five years of the news agency’s work have resulted in a number of most different activities. For example, the Peace Hour annual action timed to the International Day of Peace, became one of the most significant initiatives. During that online meeting, women from different countries share their thoughts and opinions on the preservation of peace and development of the planet over the course of an hour. Talented students from various faculties of the International College for Arts and Communication (MKIK) have been taking part in the event since last year.


The experience has shown that interaction among different countries and generations can be especially effective if all participants speak the same language: the language of shared values.

Today, we can proudly say that people from all regions of the planet are readers of our web-portal. Those include residents of Russia, Germany, the USA, China, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Philippines, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Belgium, Indonesia, and other countries. Such a wide geography of the project proves once again that people from all over the world really care about the values our publications are based on.

On the eve of the 5th birthday of the Global Women Media web-portal, we make a wish: we want intercultural dialogue that has been actively developing all these years to continue.

“Share for the whole world to know” is a phrase that has become our project’s slogan since its first days. It is still relevant today.

People of the world speak different languages but they can feel one another’s emotions and intentions. That is why it is so important to share not only information but also positive energy. This gives birth to an infinite chain of good, which is so vital for the preservation and development of our planet.

Marina Volynkina, Viktoria Gusakova, Global Women Media news agency

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov

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