Building connection one heart at a time
Building connection one heart at a time


Summer Peace Summit: Global Women for Global Growth

The world is changing at an even faster pace, transforming our societies and our consciousness. COVID-19 exposed problems, which the mankind has been facing long before, but which have been brought to the surface by the pandemic:

  • Increasing uncertainty and fears.
  • Negative effects of consumption habits on welfare and ecology.
  • Deliberate disinformation and distrust in institutions.
  • Rise of racism on a global scale.

The traditional system of values is gradually disappearing. Freedom has been replaced by consumerism; warm-heartedness excluded from communication; integrity vanished from public debates or even was substituted by deliberate disinformation. As a result of fear, uncertainty, and lack of values, racism and discrimination towards people of other race and color, people with certain diseases (COVID-19, alopecia, or oncology) and migrants.

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At the same time, the events of the past months demonstrated the importance of women in all parts of society. Women have become the main actors in family, work and society, addressing challenges that emerged during the pandemic. Women have acted as role models during the self-isolation period, working, leading and caring for their families at the same time. There were mostly women working in systemic relevant jobs, such as health care, bearing the risks for own health. Women worldwide have taken the initiative in own hands, realizing most daring plans, spreading hope and optimism!

The pandemic demonstrated once again that the whole world is facing the same challenges which can be only addressed by the mankind as a whole. 

Political power structures are conservative institutions, reacting slowly to new challenges. We - women of the world - can act constructively and creatively. Being aware of a transforming world, we can carry values and new meanings, providing orientation to younger generations, to our societies and governments.

Thus, we are inviting you to discuss the following topics:

1. How to overcome loss of values, distrust and fears in a transforming world and to spread hope and optimism.
2. How to overcome the pitfalls of a consumerism society, enabling fair and sustainable growth.
3. How to protect oneself and others from disinformation and lies, strengthening trust in each other and in societies.
4. How to lead a complex conversation on racism, with courage and candor.
5. What the new role of women in a transforming world is.
6. How women can foster peace and understanding within as well as across nations.

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